Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Arvind Kejriwal's bomb shell in the Parliament


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ANNA HAZARE'S right hand man Arvind Kejriwal has thrown a bomb shell in the parliament which has hurt many a politicians. According to him there are 162 tainted MPs in the parliament against whom serious criminal charges are pending in the court of law.

The Congress spokesperson Abhishek Manu Singhvi has aggressively responded, "Just because Parliament may not fully assert the right to privilege does not mean you can call Parliamentarians criminals and goondas." Shard Yadav, a one time ardent supporter of the Anna movement was also seen terribly disturbed and violently angry over the comments in question.
Even BJP's accomplished leader Sushmaji also expressed anguish on the issue. So at least for now you can't say that the Anna Movement is supported by BJP/RSS. Arvind kejriwal is not a school going kid. If he has given this sparking statement in the public he must be having some substance or ample proof to prove his point. It is quite understandable to politicians also and this very understanding will not allow our intelligent netaas to take any serious action against the Anna Hasare team boy.
Having said that it is very unfortunate for the whole country to find the brazen corruption level increasing by leaps and bounds. Almost every week one big scam is reported by the ever-alert media. These billion and trillion rupee scams are not happening by chance or without active support from the black politicians clad in white robe. Kejriwal is courageously bold to say that the dangerous state of corruption is eating into our economy and making life miserable for aam aadmi.
All are aware about the root cause of corruption. All know who is responsible for common man's apathy but they have no voice and that is the reason why Anna and his party get a lot of support from the sufferering janta. The common man finds his hero in Anna or any of his team mate. Government tries its level best to puncture the sprit of these activists by leveling charges against them or adopting some other unethical tactics to pull them down. Many a time they also succeed.
It's a sad commentary that corruption is spreading like an epidemic in every department whether small or big. It has become a sort of a vicious circle. Go to any small Government Department and you find good number of employees spreading their begging bowls in front of you. Big reputed organizations are not left behind.
General V.P. Singh has jolted many of us by giving the statement in public that he was offered fourteen crores as bribe. We should by now actually have been shock proof. Long back Bofors happened. But our memory is not long lasting. To add salt to the injury is an unimaginable and disturbing increase in the quantum involved in the corruption involved scandles. An year back we heard about Rs.1,60,000 crore 2G scam and now Rs10,00,000/- coal scam is giving us shivers down our spine. Where are we heading? What does tomorrow hold for the next generation?
Kejriwal has spoken about something that we also know but never dare open our mouth fearing dangerous consequences. If Kejriwal is punished for speaking the bitter truth then all who are in the know should also be punished because if the system continues functioning in this disgusting fashion many Kajriwals will be born in the near future under compulsion. Recently, a survey revealed that personal properties of MPs have been multiplying.
Where is this money coming from? It is our hard-earned money that fills the big pockets of awfully corrupt politicians. There is still hope since all politicians are not corrupt. Even if we go by the statistics of Arvind Kejrival there are 162 parliamentarians charged with criminal cases but the rest can be considered, by some imagination, honest. These parliamentarians should come in support of an unprecedented crusade against corruption if they real want to save this country from the clutches of vultures.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Holi Milan organized by Sindhi Academy

Sindhi Academy organized colourful Holi Milan on 4th March at Delhi Hatt, INA. On the occasion Hasya Kavita Samelen was conducted and enjoyed by audience. Participants were Laxman Bhatia "Komal" Veena Shringi , Jagdish Rawtani,, Meghraj Gurnani , Dr Ravi Prakash ,Leela Mamtani, Meera Hingorani, Shalini Sagar, Harish Padnani, Vandana Daanvani, The Samelen was compered by Balu Chauthani. Another program of Stand Up Comedy was also appreciated . The artists participated were Parmaanand Pyaasi, Ramesh Rajpal, Shankar Mulwani. These two beautiful programs were followed by enthusiastic dance by one and all & of course delicious lunch. All had good fun hearty laugh and rejuvenating dance .Bhagya Mishra & Jaitely Saheb expressed sincere thanks to all who attended the function and showered greetings .

Thursday, March 15, 2012


आनंदम की मार्च गोष्ठी के अनेक रंग
रिपोर्ट – आनंदम रिपोर्ट अनुभाग
जगदीश रावतानी की संस्था ‘आनंदम संगीत व साहित्य सभा’ की मार्च माह की गोष्ठी 12 मार्च 2012 को नई दिल्ली के कस्तूरबा गाँधी मार्ग स्थित हिमालय हाऊस में संपन्न हुई. इस गोष्ठी में मजाज अमरोहवी, हमीद हुसैन ‘हमदम’, कर्नल पूरण चंद सेठी प्रेमचंद सहजवाला मुनव्वर सरहदी शैलेश सक्सेना नागेश चन्द्र जाम बिजनौरी अबरार जावेद कीरतपुरी सैफ सहरी दर्द देहलवी ममता किरण लक्ष्मीशंकर वाजपेयी भूपेंद्र कुमार एस.एच.आर भरी अनिल वर्मा मीत आदेश त्यागी समर हयात व शकील इब्ने नज़र व अनिल वर्मा ‘मीत’ आदि ने भाग लिया.
हर माह की तरह इस बार भी राज गज़ल के ही रहा. एक से बढ़ कर एक बेह्तरीन गजलें पेश की गईं. जैसे:
करता था बंदोबस्त जो लोगों के रिज्क का
वह शख्स जंगे-भूख को हार भी खेत में (दर्द देहलवी).
ज़माना हमको फरामोश कर नहीं सकता
हमारा नाम है तारिख के हवालों में (सैफ सहरी)
मुहब्बत में अब रंग आने लगा है
कि वो मुझ से नज़रें चुराने लगा है (अनिल वर्मा ‘मीत’)
मैं पत्थरों के शहर में बहुत उदास था मगर
ये कौन मेरी जिंदगी से आइना बना गया (अबुज़र नावेद).
मुनव्वर सरहदी हर बार किसी ना किसी नए रंग में रंगे रहते हैं. उनका एक शेर:
हिज्र की रात ने झुलसाया है यूं मेरा बदन
अब तो बरसात का पानी भी जलाता है मुझे.
प्रेमचंद सहजवाला:
सूरज की रौशनी तो सरकती रही मगर,
याद आते हैं वो छोटे से साये कभी कभी
ममता किरण तरही गजलें लिखने में भी महारत रखती हैं. ग़ालिब की अमर गज़ल ‘रहिये अब ऐसी जगह..’ पर उन्होंने एक शानदार गज़ल पेश की:
मुझको आजादी मिली उड़ने की छू लूं आसमां
अब तमन्ना पर मेरी बंदिश यहाँ कोई नहीं
गज़ल के माहौल से प्रेरित हो कर नागेश चन्द्र भी इन दिनों गजलें लिख रहे हैं. उन्होंने भी एक गज़ल सुनाई जिस का एक शेर है:
बाद मुद्दत के आये यूं घर में
जैसे आए बहार पतझर में
शायर साज़ देहलवी लखनऊ के एक मुशायरे से लौटते हुए इस गोष्ठी में भी आए और एक गज़ल पेश की:
चढ़ते हुए बुलंदियां रख रास्तों को याद
वर्ना ज़मीं पे लौट के आया ना जाएगा.
समर हयात नौगांवीं:
बख्श कर दौलत किसी को और किसी से छीन कर
ऐसे भी लेता है राजिक बंदगी का इन्तिहाँ
लक्ष्मी शंकर वाजपेयी ने एक असरदार रचना पेश की;
रौशनी की तलाश करता हूँ, जिंदगी की तलाश करता हूँ
चेहरों के इस विराट जंगल में आदमी की तलाश करता हूँ.
अंत में आनंदम अध्यक्ष जगदीश रावतानी ने सभी कवियों शायरों का धन्यवाद कर के गोष्ठी संपन्न की.

Saturday, March 10, 2012


Our democracy is being sabotaged by mafia raj
Jagdish Rawtani10 March, 2012It is reported that Narinder Kumar, an IPS officer, was killed in broad day light by the mafia. But who is the real face behind the mafia? Narinder's death should not go in vain. Let all of us do our bit to save democracy and human values.

NARINDER KUMAR'S parents must have blessed him to become an IPS officer and would have been very joyous and proud to see their honest and bold son serving the country as SDO. However, all their happiness came to a sudden end when their son was killed by a suspected member of the mining mafia in Madya Pradesh. The protagonist of the recent film release Paan Singh Tomar mouthed the dialogue that reflects the true picture of our so-called independent country. The dialogue goes like this "Hum
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Chambal ke baaghi hain, hamari bahut izat hai. Dakait nahi hai hum. Beehad mein baaghi hote hain, dakait milte hain Parliament mein."

Mafia, or you may call them daakus, are active without any fear of arrest or punishment, of course, outside parliament. But is it possible without the patronage or collusion of politicians? It is reported that during the last 30 years many gruesome acts of the mafia have surfaced but no one has been caught. Governments are sitting on the reports. The continuous growth of mafia is the result of full support of our system.

The whole country is shocked to witness the death of Narinder Kumar and consequent demise of democracy. Mr S.W. Naqvi, Inspector General of Police, Gwalior, categorically denied the patronage of politicians. He said the mafia is active but it is not in the knowledge of the government and the police. Is anyone going to believe this statement? Yes, we can only speculate that the IG is either playing safe or playing in the hands of politicians or the mafia. Lip service by politicians has started. Real action is far-sighted.

The Congress may shout from the roof-tops and blame the BJP for protecting the mafia in the state but all the parties know the real truth. It may be Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Karnatka or any other state, the fact of the matter is that the Mafia is having the full backing of the Centre. How can, otherwise, Government employees be killed in broad day light by these goons? Narinder Kumar stood for what he believed in. Now it is the primary duty of the media to keep this case alive and pressurize the government till the time the real culprit is caught and punished. Manoj Gujjar, the driver of the tractor has been arrested and there is every possibility that he will be punished.

He may become sacrificial lamb and the real force behind the crime will continue its gruesome acts with the blessings of our elected leaders. Narender's father has demanded for justice and has also expressed fear for his daughter-in-law's life. Let every one of us do our bit and not turn a blind eye to injustice. It is high time that we make use of every available resource to highlight this issue and create awareness among our fellow citizens. Narender Kumar's death should not go in vain.
Honesty should not be stabbed. Let us ensure that one word "SORRY" by Shiv Raj Chauhan should not put a full stop to this ghastly happening which has left not only loyal officers' parents in a state of big shock but put all citizens hang their heads in shame and sorrow. Alas! This inhuman incident has taken place in the constituency of Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh. It is sad but not surprising.

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