Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Are we entitled to be called as human beings? Jagdish Rawtani28 February, 2012

Three-year old Falak was brutally beaten and abandoned by her own parents, because of no fault of her. But the question arises why was she battered in the first place? How could parents behave like demons? A fortnight later we hear another heart-piercing news.

THIS TIME it was Gudia, born outside the hospital gate and was dragged in by a swine. The mother was forced to deliver a baby outside as no bed or labour room was made available to her in the hospital. Is it fate that is to be blamed for this cruelty or is our society responsible for such unfortunate incidents? We often tend to resign to fate. In both these cases we see poverty as the foremost reason for what happened. Investigation in Falak’s case has revealed that she was born to a lady who was forced into the flesh-selling business and due to poverty was not able to raise her child.

Dejected and depressed, the mother lost her mental balance and tortured her own baby. This young mother had never lived a dignified life. She was exploited by powerful people who had both muscle and money. In case of Gudia also, we find poverty playing its role mercilessly. Government hospitals denied a bed and the poor parents did not have enough money to go to a private hospital for delivery. All their pleas for help fell on deaf ears and the baby’s delivery happened right outside the hospital.

Chasm between rich and poor is widening by the day. However, the bigger question remains: Who is responsible for the pathetic condition of these poor people and more importantly who makes them poor? We need to religiously analyze and find out the root cause. We have been frequently hearing the news of scams one after the other: 2G, Commonwealth, Adarsh Society, etc. There are discussions, arguments and counter arguments in the air-conditioned studios of News channels. Many culprits are caught and acquitted. Some are enjoying a luxurious life even in jail. And the game goes on.
You may ask the link between scams and two small babies. There is a direct link. Economy's big chunk is eaten away by unscrupulous rich people and consequently the poor become poorer to lead and die like a dog. Becoming rich is not wrong but accumulating money by wrong means is. Prevailing corruption in every sphere of society is dangerously growing. We only get to hear about big scams where a huge amount of money is involved but the corruption at lower level is equally big and can be calculated in billions and trillions.
Unfortunately, these cases do not come into the limelight too often. See the irony, even Gudia’s father had to grease the palms of the nurse and sweeper of the government hospital for help. Financial corruption is playing havoc and simultaneously rich and powerful people are denying the poor of their fundamental rights. Everywhere the rich gets the preference because of his access to the concerned authorities. When we hear about Falak and Gudia, we shed a tear or two without realizing that in a small or big way we all are responsible for the injustices done to these hapless babies. If we search our hearts we will surely find the lack of responsibility. Our Atamn should prick. Corruption of any kind has its repercussions directly on the society. There are hundreds and thousands of unreported cases that may be more horrible than these two in question. When will we wake up from slumber . When will humanity be born in these physical bodies? Are we entitled to call ourselves human beings?

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012


jagdish rawtani 02/05/2012 21:11:41

It is of course Anna and his team who desperately want to eradicate rampant corruption in every department. Taking a cue from Anna’s dedicated mission, people from different walks of life, from various cities of India have gathered courage to stand united and take action against this dreaded disease i.e. Corruption.

I would like to state an example here. A movement has been initiated by some residents of New Palam Vihar, Gurgaon against some employees of the Haryana Electricity Board. These tortured residents are bent upon teaching these employees a once-for-all lifetime lesson. It is reported that these employees with connivance of some local dalaals are extracting money from the residents for installation of electricity meters. Residents are made to pay double of the actual official fees. In fact, in some incidences, installed meters have been removed on flimsy grounds just to threaten people and extort money. The residents have suffered enough and have now, therefore, begun a secret campaign.

Let us hope that this justifiable social move succeeds and becomes an inspiration for other tortured souls and individuals who are made to suffer by the social enemies, indulged in corruption.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

National Kavya Samelen organized by Sindhi Academy on 22nd Jan 2012. Jagdish Rawtani participated as Poet.

उड़ानें भर रहे हैं लम्‍बी लम्‍बी, परिंदे आबोदाना ढूंढते हैं

नई दिल्‍ली : ‘आनंदम संगीत व साहित्य सभा’ की फरवरी माह की गोष्ठी 13 फरवरी, 2012 को कस्तूरबा गाँधी मार्ग स्थित हिमालय हाऊस के मैक्स न्यूयॉर्क के सभागार में आयोजित हुई। इसमें मुन्नवर सरहदी विशिष्ट कवि थे और उनके अतिरिक्त लाल बिहारी ‘लाल’, उमर हनीपा ‘लखीम्पुरी’, सैफ सहरी, नागेश चन्द्र, आशीष सिन्हा ‘कासिद’, हमीद जैदी, साज़ देहलवी, रमेश भाम्भानी, मासूम गाजियाबादी, मजाज़ अमरोहवी आदि कवियों ने भाग लिया।
मुन्नवर सरहदी वैसे हास्य की शायरी के लिये प्रसिद्ध हैं, पर इस बार उन्होंने कुछ गंभीर नज्में भी सुनाईं। जैसे-
हम सुनाते है तुम्हें इक दास्ताने मुख़्तसर
देश प्यारा था जिन्हें वे देश के प्यारे गए
जंगे-आजादी में हिंसा और अहिंसा कुछ नहीं
खुद गरज़ ज़िंदा रहे और बेगरज मारे गए।

मजाज़ अमरोहवी हमेशा की तरह गज़ल के रंग में रहे। उनका एक शेर-
उड़ानें भर रहे हैं लम्‍बी लम्‍बी
परिंदे आबोदाना ढूंढते हैं।

गज़ल में साज़ देहलवी का जवाब नहीं। उन्होंने एक सशक्त गज़ल सुनाई-
इतना बेताब ना हो क़र्ज़ की पगड़ी के लिये
रहन में आबरू और सूद को सर जाता है.

गज़ल का एक और रंग-
आँखों में जब तक है जगमग गाँव के गलियारों की
फीकी है तब तक हर रौनक इन शहरी चौबारों की। (नागेश चन्द्र).

मासूम गाजियाबादी ने सुनाया-
भीख ठुकरा दी उस शख्स की एक भिखारिन ने यह कह कर
तेरे हाथों में इमदाद है तेरी आँखों में उन्माद है

दर्द देहलवी ने कहा-
दरिया है हम हमारी तू दरियादिली ना पूछ
जिस से मिले हैं उसको समुन्दर बना दिया.

अंत में ‘आनंदम’ संस्थापक अध्यक्ष ने सभी कवियों का धन्यवाद करके गोष्ठी संपन्न की।
प्रस्‍तुति : प्रेमचंद सहजवाला