Friday, March 16, 2012

Holi Milan organized by Sindhi Academy

Sindhi Academy organized colourful Holi Milan on 4th March at Delhi Hatt, INA. On the occasion Hasya Kavita Samelen was conducted and enjoyed by audience. Participants were Laxman Bhatia "Komal" Veena Shringi , Jagdish Rawtani,, Meghraj Gurnani , Dr Ravi Prakash ,Leela Mamtani, Meera Hingorani, Shalini Sagar, Harish Padnani, Vandana Daanvani, The Samelen was compered by Balu Chauthani. Another program of Stand Up Comedy was also appreciated . The artists participated were Parmaanand Pyaasi, Ramesh Rajpal, Shankar Mulwani. These two beautiful programs were followed by enthusiastic dance by one and all & of course delicious lunch. All had good fun hearty laugh and rejuvenating dance .Bhagya Mishra & Jaitely Saheb expressed sincere thanks to all who attended the function and showered greetings .